Pinephone Tips

Install pmbootstrap Utility

pip3 install --user pmbootstrap

Or update pmbootstrap with the following:

pip3 install --user --upgrade pmbootstrap

I have it installed in ~/.local/bin

Configuring a new PostMarketOS Image

pmbootstrap init

Then follow the prompts to build the image.

Updating an existing PostMarketOS Image

pmbootstrap pull

and then follow the prompts...

Build the PostmarketOS Image

pmbootstrap install

then install to the eMMC with (using dmesg or lsblk to find the proper path of course) Make sure you format the target device and use Jumpdrive to expose the device over USB:

pmbootstrap install --sdcard=/dev/mmcblk

Then shutdown the pmbootstrap chroot:

pmbootstrap shutdown

You should be good to go!